Sunday, November 13, 2011


Forget about this blog there for a while. Sorry, we've both been super busy!
Here's a couple updates:

  • we will be telling you guys who won our giveaway pretty soon, but its not too late to send in your entries so please do that ASAP so we can pick our winner! :)
  • For Nanowrimo, I have hit 16,000 words so I'm pretty excited but i got a long way to go!
Talk to you guys later!
Shelby <3

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Abduction was a wonderful movie filmed in my hometown.
Taylor Lautner was seriously awesome in it.
It's rated PG-13 because there are shootings so sorry if you aren't allowed to watch it  yet, but I encourage you to.
it was awesome! :)
Dont forget to enter the giveaway! :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

P.S.About that contest.......

We have decided to let it go on for a few more days!!! It ends Oct.12.Okay,thanks!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Big Big News!!

Hey everyone! We have some BIG NEWS! Okay,now that I have your attention I'm gonna go on.  
We are having a.......


 Now,I know your wondering "Why the crackers is this news?!?!?!You have contests all the time!" Well,this one is special because the winner of this will be receiving a signed copy
of this book from the author!!!!

Okay,so I hope you're all excited.I know I am. I read this book and had trouble staying away from it.Okay,so here is the theme that Shelby and I came up with-

You've been sold into slavery because your parents died and you have no other family members.In under 900 words,Explain to us the way you live,how you feel,and/or anything else you want!

Send your entries to If you win you will recieve an email and we will post in on here.You will have 10 days to reply or we will have to re-pick.

Ms.Breen will also be giving feedback on what you send in,we will be posting all the stories on here,and with feedback! I hope you guys enjoy this!

P.S. Random comment from Shelby... I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS! :)

*Later edit from Bree- This ends September 29,in 20 days! Good Luck!

Friday, August 19, 2011


Hey everyone! It's Bree.Sorry for not posting.I did a post overload on my blog Wednesday,and Thursday(August 18) I started the 7th grade.And it's different from 6th..Like diff subjects,diff teachers,diff time(i used to go to gym 4th hour.Not I go to geography 4th hour and gym last hour.).Here is kind of a little schedule-

1st-Math Teacher #1
2nd-Reading Teacher #2
3rd-Language Teacher #2
4th-Geography Teacher #3
5th-Science Teacher #4
6th-Computer Lab Teacher #2
7th-Gym Teacher #1

  Then the bell rings(at 3:00),but we only have one bus,so I don't get home until 4:00.I barely have time to post,what with my competition with AR(Don't even ask..but AR is Accelerated Reading that 4th and up do at my school).But,good news is,my language teacher(which is also my Reading and Computer Lab teacher) is making us write! Yay! So I will be sharing some of mine with you. Meanwhile,I may have a hard time posting during the week. Sorry! Anyway, I have no idea what to write. So here is a sneak peak at something I may write! :) Tell me what you think!

  I walked on,stumbling over branches and wishing the sun would come out already. I couldn't see,and if someone was following me they could easily follow all the noise I was making.I was wishing I could move silent and stealthily,like my sister did. When she was still the same.
  I looked up,realizing I had been so lost in thought that I had stopped.The sky in the east was turning it's pink and orange color,as it does when the sun climbs majestically in the sky.I smiled.Now I could move silently.I surveyed my surroundings,hoping to see something familiar.Nothing.I kept heading in the direction I was originally,or at least I hoped it was.I was beginning to feel like I was walking in circles,when I heard the zip of an arrow being released from a bow.My first thought I was close to a range,that I was behind the targets.Then I realized I was the target.

his is just an unedited version taken(if I write it) from the middle of the story.Please do not take anything,it would tear me apart if I knew someone had taken it.Thanks!


A Fun Day

Sorry I didn't get to post a movie review yesterday and sorry Bree didn't post writing on Wednesday and sorry she didn't post today either. I don't  know if she is or not so I will, I guess.

Except I'm not sure what to write about.
That stinks.
Yesterday I didn't post because I spent all day at an amazing amusement park riding all of the roller coasters and upside rides and spinny rides and scary underground rides (okay there's only one of those and it fits in the roller coaster category) and everything else in between. Except 2, because they made me sick last time because I have motion sickness. I can ride spinny upside down roller coasters over and over but I can't sit in a car drive around in circles. It makes perfect sense right? NO!

I guess this is technically my post for the weekend because I haven't written anything new recently, I'm really off my game. And I have to go out and buy school supplies soon which isn't fun. And I might randomly disappear and go off on a sudden vacation because that's what my family does. We don't plan ahead or anything. Sometimes that makes it exciting and everything.

Ok I'm really just rambling on varying topics so I'm gonna go. Hope you enjoyed my randomness. ;P
XOXO Shelby

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Book Review: The Fashion Disaster That Changed My Life

This book was very silly. It was just about a girl that on her first day had a pair of panties clinging to the inside of her jeans on the first day of school so she was teased and everything and the popular group invited her and she ditched her 2 friends, even though one of them was a jerk. and she spilled their secrets which isn't good ever. Eventually, she figured out the popular group were just mean so she finally got out of that loop and went back to her one nice friend.

Anyway, one fashion disaster isn't going to ruin anyones life like she says, but it wasn't a horrible book. I honestly wouldn't recommend it though.

be sure to check out book club! The first book is Dairy Queen. Go to the book club page at the top of Come All Come Write and you can get more information there. I would love some participants! thanks!